SO-IRI is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, focused on research, innovation solutions and technology implementation in the area of marine, aerospace and mechanical engineering.

SO-IRI gathers talented researchers, bright university professors and experts, working in different scientific areas having strong experience and scientific background.

At SO-IRI, great emphasis is placed on broad national and international contacts, practical application of expertise of our members, both in teaching and research. Close working relationships with many universities, research institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and industry along with many other activities, guarantee stay in good stead to meet the rising demands of the nowadays innovation, science and market.

We support partners from industrial and public sectors with customized services to transfer research into applications.
All our activities are guided by the values of merit, ability, efficiency, transparency, fairness, equality and respect.

Resources Computational modelling, Energy Systems, Green Energy

Computational Modelling
Using state-of-art comercial and open-source tools and our more than 20 year of experience in teaching, developing new numerical codes, numerical modeling, our team will provide smart, innovative and exeptional solutions for various engineering problems. We implement our experience in computer modelling, CFD analysis, data analysis, geometry and numerical modelling, fluid-structure interactions in a wide range of industry areas. We offer you our expertise in aerodynamic modeling of processes in various industrial components and systems; numerical analysis of complex three dimensional flows; multi-phase flows; thermal modeling and research of temperature distribution, stress and deformations; heat, mass and flow balance; renovation and modernization, etc.
Energy Systems
Nowadays energy concepts and problems provide great challenges for the future. We introduce new vision and knowledge into the energy technologies. SO – IRI is involved in developing of breakthrough concepts in several areas of the energy area, such as: energy conversion and storage; energy processes and technologies.
Green Energy
SO-IRI is focused in research in depth on alternative energy and sustainable renewable energy. Supplying of this natural power, in a stable and efficient manner, is the first step towards achieving a low or zero carbon emissions. That is why the goal of SO-IRI is renewable energy research and establishment, utilization of the green power system technology and to provide expertise - attained over the years to help achieve highly efficient standard and innovative green energy.